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Moral problem: the use of primates in neurological research

Much of today’s neuroscience research investigating human brain diseases and disorders utilizes animal models. Animals ranging from flies, rodents, and non-human primates are routinely used to model various disorders, with mice being most commonly utilized. Scientists employ these animal models to approximate human conditions and disorders in an accessible manner, with the ultimate purpose of applying the findings derived in the animal back into the human brain

Hoffman, C. (2015). Do you have a mouse brain? The ethical imperative to use non-human primates in neuroscience research. The Neuroethics Blog. Retrieved on November 20, 2015, from

escorpion y rana

El papel de las fábulas en la educación moral

Juan B. Campagne Aguilera. Profesor Educación Primaria. Miembro del equipo de Niaiá Existen pocos géneros literarios que …

Brown bear sow and cubs, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, USA
A sow alerts her cubs to possible danger nearby.  She huffed and they instantly stood at attention. Sows are very wary of boars who will kill the cubs.  In this case, the rustling she heard was a river otter and its pups.

Salvaje de George Monbiot, una oda al salvajismo

  Luis González Reyes, miembro de Ecologistas en Acción Salvaje tiene varios aspectos que no comparto y sobre lo que …

escuela verano acción educativa 2018

Resolviendo problemas: Hagamos lo que es justo

Ignacio García Pedraza – Félix García Moriyón (miembros Niaiá) Se trata de un curso, de 15 horas de duración, …